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April 24 2018


Vintage Bar Furniture

Buy Latest Vintage Bar Furniture online from your vintage home East Connection, buy a wide range of Bar furniture items. We have an extensive collection of bar furniture, bar cabinets, bar units, bar sets, wine racks, bar chairs, bar stools. Shop from us today.

June 03 2017


April 21 2017


Painted Furniture

Decorate and add colors to your home by Painted Furniture or get creative with paint.Buy custom Painted Furniture pieces like Blanket Box, Boho Mirror,Bedside Table,Coffee Table, Boho Wall Mirror, Painted Drawer and Floral Hand painted Boho Sideboard available in different colors at discounted price.

April 04 2017


Antique Furniture

Offering an extensive collection of Antique Furniture like sideboards and cabinets. You can purchase amazing antique items to build your home and this will add unique touch to your home and be used and enjoyed every day.
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